Dr. Peter Darroch is an expert in the practical use of research metrics to provide complementary insights into the research performance of Countries, universities, researchers, journals or individual research outputs. His knowledge has developed ‘on the job’, working closely with higher education institutions, funders and other research organisations to help them use metrics appropriately to support research assessment and management.  He was part of the Elsevier Research intelligence group for over 4 years, working with tools such as SciVal that provide information and metrics to support research assessment and benchmarking globally. He then moved into the Research Metrics team, developing the research metrics strategy at Elsevier as well as products to facilitate the visualization and responsible use of data and metrics before moving to his current position within Marketing. Prior to joining Elsevier, Peter conducted Postdoctoral research in both the United States and the United Kingdom and held several positions over a 5 year period in the healthcare industry. He holds a first degree from the University of St. Andrews where he was awarded the Physiological Society Undergraduate prize and a PhD from the University of Strathclyde.